Noelle Anne Navarrete is a Toronto, Canada-based illustrator focused on narrative and decorative work that specializes in whimsical and upbeat designs that entertain and tell stories. She draws influence from nature, and fashion where she champions femininity and hopefulness in our world. She uses pixels, pencils and paints as her media to create illustrations in a narrative and decorative fashion.
After finishing her illustration degree at Sheridan College, she continued to grow her career working as an in-house illustrator at Hatley until she took the leap to freelance full-time. Now she works with clients illustrating designs that serve as a function of beauty and storytelling.
Noelle Anne has a special love for stories and nature. She often spends her time strolling through forests and marshes observing the natural world around her. Peaking into little moments of flora and fauna is where she finds inspiration for stories to begin.
And yes, her name is pronounced… Noelle + Anne (it’s a 2-for-1 kind of name!)  :) 
You can find more about Noelle Anne in an artist interview by Wrappr
Instagram | Twitter | Etsy : @noelleanne.n
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